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Beast Boy is a former member of the Doom Patrol, and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans.

Character HistoryEdit

When he was younger, Beast Boy fell ill due to being bitten by a green monkey. To save him, his parents attempted to cure him with a new serum, which bestowed him with his shape-changing abilities. As a side effect, his skin, hair, and eyes turned green. His parents later died in a flood, leaving Beast Boy an orphan. Afterward, Beast Boy, determined to join Doom Patrol, broke into their headquarters. He was treated as an intruder, but his efforts to escape capture impressed them, thus earning his membership on the team.

Beast Boy was originally the youngest member of the Doom Patrol. However, Mento's harsh discipline and less-than-encouraging attitude finally alienated him from his surrogate family, and he struck out on his own. Looking for a new place to live, he came to Jump City, where he encountered Robin, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg and aided them in liberating Starfire from her Gordanian captors. Afterward, the five formed a new team on their own, the Teen Titans.

Throughout his career with the Titans, Beast Boy keeps exhibiting a very carefree jokester's attitude which often causes a great deal of trouble, but he does have a strong sense for responsibility, which he rarely exhibits, though. Once he accidentally caused Cyborg to download a malevolent computer virus from a bootleg copy of his favorite computer game into the latter's systems, causing him to rampage across the city, consuming everything in sight. Feeling guilty about what he had done, Beast Boy, together with Gizmo, who was press-ganged into assisting (since he and Cyborg share a mutual dislike), entered Cyborg's body in the form of an amoeba and finally managed to defeat the virus on his own.

Later on, during his first confrontation with Adonis, Beast Boy and his opponent were doused with experimental chemicals which triggered the emergence of a more feral side and the eventual transformation into a type of super-werewolf. In this form Beast Boy battled Adonis for Raven's life and managed to defeat him. Afterward, he uses this werewolf form only one more time, when Slade, as a minion in the service of Trigon, attacked Titans Tower with an army of fire demons. He never used it after then, suggesting that even with the strength and abilities it gave him, he considered only using it as a last resort.

Season Five of Teen Titans focuses on Beast Boy a great deal, as it deals with his history as a member of the animated series' incarnation of the Doom Patrol. In this season, Beast Boy exhibits a surprising amount of inherent leadership skills; he finally convinces Mento to think his way through a tough situation instead of muscling it, and when the Brotherhood of Evil attacks young superheroes all around the world, he leads Herald, Jericho, Pantha, and Más on an assault against the Brotherhood's headquarters. He remains leader even after Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and several other Titans join the fight, only standing down after Robin is thawed.

Beast Boy once fell in love with Terra, who had the ability to control earth and the elements in the earth but suffered from insecurity about her lack of total control over her powers. Terra eventually betrayed the Teen Titans as an ally of Slade. Ultimately, she received redemption in helping the Titans defeat Slade; however, she is turned to stone in the process. Still, Beast Boy retains strong feelings for Terra. In the final episode of the series, Beast Boy encountered a girl looking exactly like Terra, who has no memory of her time with the Titans; whether or not this is really Terra suffering from amnesia remains unexplained. Finally, Beast Boy realized that if she really was Terra, she didn't want to remember her shameful past, and decided to finally let her go.


In the series, Beast Boy plays the role of the light-hearted jokester of the group, though often becomes the butt of many jokes or backfiring pranks himself.

He wears his old black and purple Doom Patrol uniform, complete with gray gloves and purple sneakers with seemingly Velcro straps. The costume also had a mask, but he discarded it after Cyborg told him it was goofy, and Raven pointed out that the mask would not hide his secret identity anyway, as since his skin is green, he does not really have one. Beast Boy also has pointy ears, which he finds to be an attractive quality of himself. He exhibits very feral habits as well, such as sitting with his feet on his chair and moving his ears up and down. Having transformed into most of the meat-producing animals, Beast Boy has lost his taste for meat and is now a vegan, which often gets him arguing with the others (especially Cyborg) because he constantly attempts to have the others adopt his culinary taste as well. He is also prone to causing much of the mischief around Titans Tower, such as the time he kept a large mutant moth larva hidden in his bedroom, whom he named Silkie. In Can I Keep Him? , the larva devours much of the Tower while the team is on a mission fighting Johnny Rancid. While trying to hide him from the others, Beast Boy entrusts Silkie to Starfire to hide, who ends up adopting the creature.

Beast Boy also has an obsession with owning a vehicle of his own, more specifically, a moped. In one episode, he acquires one and affectionately calls it the "B-Ped". Ironically, after using it to save the world from an alien tofu-like species, it falls to pieces.

One part of Beast Boy's depiction in the animated series that has garnered attention is his effort to form a bond with his teammate, Raven, going so far as to make a decisive effort to get her to respond to his jokes. His comedic and innocent nature often plays off on Raven's more distant and harsh one, and certain episodes focus on building their friendship.


Beast Boy & RobinEdit

Beast Boy and Robin have a good relationship, although one that is somewhat difficult due to their differences. Robin is much more serious and intense than Beast Boy, who is playful, energetic, and often immature; this can lead to clashes on missions. Robin in turn can get frustrated with Beast Boy: he is also known to come down hard on the shapeshifter. Despite the incongruity of their personalities, Robin and Beast Boy mostly get along very well. The two seem to have a brotherly relationship, with Robin being the elder and Beast Boy being the younger.

Beast Boy & StarfireEdit

Starfire gets along well with Beast Boy, mainly because she is the only Titan who laughs at his jokes (usually because she does not understand them). They are both cheerful, fun-loving people, although Starfire is more mature and focused than Beast Boy. Starfire and Beast Boy are family to each other, and seem to have a solid bond of trust between them.

Beast Boy & CyborgEdit

Cyborg is not only Beast Boy's best friend, but his surrogate older brother as well. Though they enjoy hanging out and doing most of the same things - playing video games, watching movies, and playing practical jokes - Cyborg is never hesitant to put Beast Boy in his place, especially if he feels that the younger hero is being rude or inconsiderate. Throughout the series, Cyborg is shown to have a tough love relationship with Beast Boy. The two are very close, but Cyborg feels the need to keep Beast Boy in line and maybe instill a little more consideration and maturity in him. This can sometimes frustrate Beast Boy, who wishes Cyborg was a little less authoritarian or uptight at times.

Beast Boy & RavenEdit


Raven finding comfort with Beast Boy

Raven is the Titan who is least similar to Beast Boy. While he is cheerful, energetic, and sometimes childish, Raven is calm, composed, and often spouts dry, deadpan snark. In the beginning, she and Beast Boy have a very rough relationship. They get on each other's nerves much of the time and neither of them believes that the other likes them. Raven's depressed air and "creepiness" annoy Beast Boy, and she is constantly heckled by his bad jokes and immaturity. However, in "Nevermore", both Cyborg and Beast Boy are transported into Raven's mind via a "magic mirror". Inside Raven's mind, they meet several Ravens, each representing a different side of the real Raven's personality. The happy Raven thinks Beast Boy is funny, while the sad Raven is sorry for being mean to him so much. In the end, the real Raven is surprised when Beast Boy and Cyborg stay to help her fight Trigon inside her head, and she and Beast Boy begin a real friendship.

In the course of the series, several episodes focus on Raven and Beast Boy's growing relationship and how they play off each other. Though she constantly mocks him and he constantly riles her, the two care deeply for each other and lay aside their differences when necessary. Beast Boy always tries to include Raven and do nice things for her though sometimes this backfires, as when he throws her a surprise party in "Birthmark" and she destroys the whole thing in anger (though at the end of the episode, she relents and lets her friends celebrate her birthday). However, even when he bugs her, Raven can be shown to take a lot of comfort from Beast Boy, such as in "Spellbound."

There has been a suggestion of a romantic relationship between Beast Boy and Raven, much of it based on the theory that "opposites attract". Though the writers of the show initially dismissed such claims, in later seasons they wrote more and more into the Raven/Beast Boy relationship, deepening their connection and enlarging their characters. In the DC Comics books, Raven and Beast Boy did indeed initiate a romantic relationship, though the characters were at a somewhat later point in their lives than they are portrayed in the cartoon. As the series ended on a rather abrupt note, many fans continue to speculate about the nature of Beast Boy and Raven's connection; some see it as potentially romantic, while others insist that the love and affection between the two is merely platonic (and occasionally vitriolic). Yet there is still a special bond between Beast Boy and Raven that he doesn't have with the other Titans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Through an act of will, Beast Boy can transform his body into any known animal on the planet Earth and sometimes even alien ones. When assuming the form of another animal, he also adopts that particular animal's physical characteristics: If he turns into a bird, he can fly, if he turns into a gorilla, he gains enhanced strength, etc. Beast Boy can always revert back to his human form at any time of his choosing. Beast Boy's is incapable of speech in animal form unless he takes the form of an animal that can talk, such as a parrot, and his 'natural' green coloring remains the same in any form, making him easily recognizable.

His preferred forms, depending on task and necessity, are:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, for heavy-duty combat
  • Pteranodon, for flying and transporting teammates
  • Falcon, for high-speed flight
  • Cheetah, for enhanced running speed
  • Gorilla or Sasquatch, for a more versatile form and strength in hand-to-hand combat
  • Whale, Sauropod or Stegosaurus, for weighty slam-downs
  • Ram, Rhinoceros or Triceratops, for charging through enemies
  • Hummingbird for evasion
  • Turtle for protection

In his Werebeast form, Beast Boy possesses greatly enhanced strength, agility and speed, in addition to its heightened senses and exceptional combat reflexes. However, this form is apparently also more feral, and his human consciousness and judgement are partially subdued when in that form; as a result, this shape is rarely used.


  • Beast Boy's background in the Doom Patrol is elaborated in Teen Titans Go #45.
  • Beast Boy and Raven were intentionally written by David Slack, the Titans head writer, as a "married couple", hence the relationship was one of deep loyalty and affection, but also laced with conflicting personality clashes. This "tough love" relationship between Beast Boy and Raven is continued in Trouble in Tokyo , also written by Slack.

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