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Titans Tower with Jump City in the background

Jump City is the main setting of the Teen Titans animated series. This is the location of the Teen Titans' base of operations Titans Tower, and the location where most of the episodes at least partially take place in. Jump City is protected by the Teen Titans against threats of all scales internal or external, yet in How Long Is Forever it is protected solely by Nightwing, a possible future incarnation of Robin.

Based in America's West Coast, its population appears to rank in the millions, according to the Teen Titans Go! series, and it is portrayed as a modern urbanized center with pizza shops, parks, businesses, houses, islands and busy streets. The creators of the show have stated the city is similar to a 60's style of a city.

Places of note Edit

  • Titans Tower, headquarters of the Teen Titans
  • the (now defunct) H.I.V.E. Academy and the respective H.I.V.E. Five headquarters
  • the local Central Park
  • Cook's Electronics Store
  • Video Dome, a video rental store
  • Bank of Pérez, the largest bank in Jump City. Often used as a storage for private valuables, and just as often the target of super-powered robberies
  • the Pizza Corner restaurant, with its most notable feature being a pizza slice-shaped balcony
  • the local Jump City television station
  • the Bay Bridge
  • the Old Stadium (abandoned)
  • the Beach Amusement Park (now abandoned)
  • an abandoned Oil Rig just off the coast, in visual sight of Titans Tower
  • Tito's Junkyard, the residence of Fixit
  • the city's sewer system
  • SOTO warehouse
  • The Old Library, a secret temple for summoning Trigon to Earth (destroyed)
  • Crash Alley, a notorious race track which lives up to its name due to the wild races taking place there

Notable citizens Edit

Goth Boy

Boy with artificial hand (Cyborg's fan)

Ciro Nieli (cameo)

Black Goatee and Glasses-Guy

The Red Chef

Little Girl and her Mother

Clerk Girl
File:Fear Itself shop clerk.jpg

Duck-Suit Nerd

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